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Member Resources

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Report Your Hours
Pay Your Membership Dues
Upcoming Team Assessment Date(s)
ITA Member Clothing/Merchandise
ITA Member Benefits and Discounts
ITA Bonfire Store
Feature Your Therapy Animal


Report Your Hours

We've crunched the numbers and discovered that only 21% of our dedicated volunteers consistently report their hours each month, with approximately 50% providing updates in some months throughout the year. Reporting your hours is crucial for ITA, and here's why:

  • Gratitude to our Supporters: We are fortunate to have the support of foundations, grants, and individuals who are genuinely interested in the impact of their contributions. Reporting your hours allows us to showcase how their funds are advancing our mission, quantify the hours dedicated to our communities, and demonstrate the tangible difference made in countless lives through our services. Their continued support is vital for the sustainability of our organization.

  • Strategic Planning for Visits: Knowing who is actively engaged and where helps us respond effectively to special requests for visits to specific locations. By having accurate and up-to-date information, we can make informed decisions and efficiently connect the right volunteers with specific needs.

  • Commitment to Volunteer Agreement: Reporting hours is not just a request but a commitment made when you signed your Volunteer Job Description during orientation. This agreement, documented in your manual (around page 225), is a cornerstone of our volunteer program, ensuring transparency and accountability


Your dedication to reporting hours not only strengthens our organization but also contributes to the transparency, efficiency, and impact of our collective efforts. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to ITA's mission.

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Pay Your Membership Dues Online

Please check the back side of your badge to see when your membership dues expire.

We hope that you and your partner(s) have been enjoying this volunteer experience together and that you’re looking forward to continuing visits long into the future. The difference you make in the community is monumental and does not go unnoticed! Remember, paying your membership dues enables you to continue your active status as an ITA team and maintains your liability insurance coverage.
If you have any questions, concerns, or stories to share please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to support you! Thank you for all you do!


Upcoming Team Assessments

Sunday, March 10th

Please check your badge. If you and your therapy partner are due to re-test, please sign up for an assessment!

To sign up, contact Karen Burns: OR (801) 272-3439 


Location: ITA Office

4050 S. 2700 E. Salt Lake City, UT


ITA Member Clothing/Merchandise

To place an order for ITA clothing items on Lands' End, please click: ITA Clothing Store.
After you enter the password, a link to the store will be available.

You may also bring us any red shirt, and we will get the logo embroidered for $10! All you need to do is drop your shirt off (Mon-Thurs from 9 am - 5 pm) at the ITA office and we will call you when it's ready to pick up!

And, don't forget, we have an ITA Thrift store at the ITA office! Drop by (Mon-Thurs from 9 am - 5 pm) and check it out. All the pieces are available for taking for any small donation.

To Place an order for ITA Member Merchandise items (i.e. dog vests, leashes, bandanas, etc.), please click: ITA Member Merchandise Store


ITA Member Benefits and Discounts

Did you know that ITA has multiple partnerships where our members receive discounts or can help raise donations for ITA through your every day shopping? Check out the PDF above, where each collaboration is explained!

Collaborations including:

The Farmer's Dog


Infinite Wags


Smith's Inspiring Donations

ITA Bonfire Store


Wash 'n Zip Pet Bed

Bonfire Store.png

Bonfire Store:

Fun Shirts by ITA!

If you missed out on getting yourself any of our cute shirt designs in the past, the worry is over! All of our past Bonfire Campaigns are now available again! 

Every purchase from our store on Bonfire gives ITA a percentage of the sale. This is a fun way to support ITA while also getting yourself or someone else a fun and unique shirt!


Feature Your Therapy Animal!

Send us pictures!

Do you want your therapy animal featured on our social media? Send us any pictures you have, we'd love to put them on our Facebook and Instagram!

Send pictures to:

Text your pictures to: (801) 885-4917

Send them on Instagram: @Intermountain.Therapy.Animals

Or email them to:

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