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ITA events, trainings, and continuing education classes for members.

The Spring Photo Box Pet Portrait Event

March 28th & March 29th

Held at the ITA Office

By appointment only!

For a $25 donation, you will receive a 10 minute portrait sitting and one 8X10 gift print on the spot. Remember, 100% of your sitting fee is a donation back to ITA!

Reserve your spot online:


Continuing Education Class:
Understanding Dog Language 🐶
by Catherine Cookson

2020 Class Schedule

W - May 27th

Sat - August 8th

Th - November 12th

(Required within your first year of volunteering)

Class description: Dogs communicate volumes with their bodies. Learning to “read” what our dogs are saying requires that we observe the subtleties of expression, posture and movement, as well as muscle tension, orientation and use of space.  It also requires we interpret our observations accurately. This Dog Language class is based on the science of Ethology and Animal Behavior, Proxemics and Kinesics, and lays a foundation for understanding dog language.  We focus on the signals likely to be seen in therapy scenarios, discussing techniques for maintaining communication throughout a visit that enable us to respond appropriately to our partners’ experiences.


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