R.E.A.D. Program Waitlist

Contact Karen@TherapyAnimals.org if you're interested in joining one of these facilities:

​​Click here to see what facilities are closest to you on the ITA Google Map!

Salt Lake County:

Montessori Community School

Montessori School 

Requested March 2022

2416 E. 1700 S., Salt Lake City

Looking for weekly visits any day Mon-Fri

at any time in the morning or afternoon.

Murray City Library

Library R.E.A.D. Request

Requested April 2021

166 E. 5300 S., Murray

Looking for monthly visits via zoom

on Sat at 10:00 A.M. OR Fri at 3:00 P.M.

Riley Elementary

Elementary School

Requested September 2021

1410 S. 800 W., Salt Lake City

Looking for weekly visits on Friday

any time after 9:40 A.M. and before 3:00 P.M.

Sandy Library

Library Program

Requested March 2022

10100 Petunia Way, Sandy

Looking for monthly visits on Saturdays

with flexible times.

Utah Community Action Head Start

Head Start Preschool R.E.A.D. Request

Requested July 2021

2825 S. 200 E., South Salt Lake

Looking for bi-weekly visits any day Monday through Thursday

any time from 10:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.

Viewmont Elementary

Elementary School

Requested January 2022

745 W. A0nderson Ave., Murray

Looking for weekly or bi-weekly visits on Friday between

12:30 - 2:30 P.M. OR Wednesday between 8:30 - 10:15 A.M.

Northern Utah:

Odyssey Elementary School

R.E.A.D. School Program Request

Requested March 2021

375 Goddard St., Ogden

Ideally weekly visits on Friday between 8:30 A.M. and 11:30 A.M.

or Monday between 11:30 A.M. and 2:20 P.M.

Southern Utah:

St. George Library

R.E.A.D. School Program Request

88 W. 100 S., St. George

Washington City Library

R.E.A.D. School Program Request

220 N. 300 E., Washington